Controls: Click on buildings to power up/power down.

Press M in the main menu to open up the hidden Map Editor. Will only work in the Jar distribution, NOT the game on

Map Editor Controls:
* 1-4 = Select Between Terrain Tiles

* Q-P = Select Between Buildings 

* A-J = Select Between Buildings

* ESC = Leave Map Editor

* M = Save Map

* 0 = Clear Map

* Left click to apply building/terrain on map. You can remove buildings by selecting the Grass Terrain (or the "1" key) and clicking on the bottom left corner of the building.

Mayor! Powerton's suffered an energy plant explosion! We're currently lacking in power!

Powerton is a city/power management game where you must power up and power down buildings in order to satisfy the 4 needs of your people: Happiness, Food, Economy, and Crime. You lose if Happiness, Food, or Economy reach 0. You also lose if Crime reaches 100. 

Click on an unpowered building to power it up - powering up a building takes time and is signaled by the light slowly turning on. When the light starts flashing, a building is totally powered up and works towards satisfying needs. You can also unpower buildings by clicking on a powered building, which is immediate.

Your power is listed on the top left of the screen. Each building takes a certain amount of power to utilize - in general, larger buildings yield bigger bonuses but take longer to power up and eats up more of your power supply. Each day you will gain +10 more power to use.

Courthouse, Police, Sheriff = Reduce Crime
Arcade, Bowling, Pub = Increase Happiness
Restaurant, Supermarket, Cafe, Burger Lord = Increase Food
Factory, Bank, Super Shirts = Increase Economy
Ice Cream = Increase Happiness and Food (reduced amount)
Donuts = Increase Food (and Happiness, as long as a Courthouse, Police, or Sheriff is powered on)
School = Reduce Crime (Greatest crime reducer), but also reduce some Happiness.


desktop.jar 7 MB

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